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Black Cloud Ops Instructor

Tim S.

Tactical Operations, Armored Vehicle Operations and training, Firearms, Breaching, and entry Tactics

Tim, is a current Tactical Operator with a large municipal agency in the SE region of the US. Tim is…

Black Cloud Ops Instructor

Paul C.

Tactical Training, Firearms, Document reviews, Less Lethal and Operational Planning

Paul is a recently retired Operations Capt from a Midwest region LE Department, during his 25+ years he spent 16…

Black Cloud Ops Instructor

Dave A.

Tactical Operations Planning and Leadership, Threat Assessment Evaluations, Large Scale training event planning, and PSD ops

Dave is an Active Operator, PSD expert and Planning guru with a large SE Region LE agency. His operational experience…

Black Cloud Ops Instructor

Grudin, S

Team Leader and Tactical Operations

Training mentor, and Tactics SME, Tier One role model

Black Cloud Ops Instructor

Sam Todd

Owner/Director, Lead Firearms and Tactics Instructor

Former Ohio Tactical Officers Assn President (13 years), 19+ years with Multi-jurisdictional tactical team, Senior Team leader, Firearms and Sniper…

** NOTE: Other Instructors and full Resume’s available on request to security cleared clients.