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Training Course

LE Sniper Instructor

Required Gear:

  • Bolt Action or Semi-Auto Scoped Rifle  capable of  1MOA accuracy or better
  • 350 Rds. Match grade ammunition for the your rifle
  • Back up Rifle AR15 with 100rds.
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Cleaning gear and lubrication
  • Shooting mat recommended
  • Knee pads recommended
  • Weapon bipod or pack
  • Inclement weather gear
  • Hydration gear
  • Note Book  Calculator
  • Compass
  • Range Finder

Course is and Instructor Level class and students will be required to perform in an instructional setting as well as evaluated novice shooters and take corrective measures with their students. Students will also have to perform and deliver precision fire at any time during the course of fire as well as create lesson plans, and courses of fire for his fellow classmates to critique. Pre-requisite documentation of successful complete of two previous LE Sniper courses LE I or equivalent and either an Instructor Course in another LE system or an Instructional Skills class. A minimum of 4 years, time on the rifle and/or Military Sniper Training documentation. The class is both physically and mentally taxing, testing and evaluations are done on a daily basis and posted for all to see. Students must perform at a 90% or better to successfully complete the course.