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Training Course

LE Sniper Bolt and Semi Auto Level I

Required Gear:

  • Bolt Action or Semi-auto Scoped Rifle with  1 MOA accuracy capability
  • 350 Rds. of Match Grade ammunition for the primary weapon
  • Hearing and Eye Protection mandatory
  • Data Book  and Cleaning equipment
  • Shooting Mat and Hydration system
  • Weapon Optic with at least 10x capability and adjustment Turrets minimum ¼ MOA
  • Protective Mask
  • Inclement weather gear
  • Note taking material
  • Normal tactical duty uniform and any additional gear the student may require

Course covers the beginning stage of the LE Sniper training and mission. One of the most important assignments on any tactical units. The student will cover the role and complexities precision shooter and information gathering resource. The LE sniper student will develop the confidence in his equipment and demonstrate his functional capability to work the rifle to its accuracy limits. The care, maintenance, and weapons handling will conducted in a safe manner at all times. Shooter exercises in both dry and live fire drills will enhance the training experience and also improve his performance. Students must successfully complete a skills test and shooting performance test to receive a certificate of training